Lynette Lee Eng

Los Altos
City Council

"A Leader Who Works For You!"

Lynette Lee Eng

You can rely on me to be a voice for transparency, integrity, and accountability
in our city government, while promoting diversity.


Lynette Lee Eng

Los Altos
City Council

"A Leader Who Works For You!"

Lynette Lee Eng

You can rely on me to be a voice for transparency, integrity, and accountability
in our city government, while promoting diversity.

Lynette Lee Eng


Lynette Lee Eng

for Los Altos
City Council

"A Leader Who Works For You!"

You can rely on me to be a voice for
transparency, integrity, and accountability
in our city government,
while promoting diversity.

Dear residents of Los Altos —

I have been honored to represent you on the Los Altos City Council for the past three-and-a-half years. Together, we have accomplished a great deal.

We now face unprecedented challenges from the pandemic and its effects on our families, schools, and businesses. Social injustices and an uncertain economy are additional challenges.

I care compassionately about our residents and our town. I have strived to be a leader who listens to you and works for you, and I am committed to do so as we navigate through these unusual times.

If re-elected, I will continue to exercise fiscal discipline, to defend the small town character and charm of our city, and to be a champion for fairness, transparency, and equity. Read more about the issues and my priorities.

I deeply appreciate the trust and support you offered me during my first term. Please vote to re-elect me on November 3rd.

 Lynette Lee Eng


These may be the most challenging times our city and residents have faced. My priorities reflect my values and commitment to the community, with the understanding that we need to be flexible and strategic in our decisions and allocation of our energies and resources.

  • Help improve the conditions created by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our businesses, city services, and community at large.
  • Continue to advocate for local control over our city’s planning and development in the face of overreaching state laws. I will continue to defend our single-family neighborhoods.
  • Acquire additional open space to expand our parklands.
  • Improve our public facilities, parks and playgrounds.
  • Prioritize fiscal responsiblity and public safety for the well-being of the people who live and work in Los Altos.
  • Be a responsible fiduciary steward of public funds through regular monthly review of our revenues and expenditures and press for greater budget accountability.
  • Advocate for transparency, integrity, and accountability.
  • Champion stronger community outreach.
  • Provide expanded opportunities for the voices of our community to be heard and acted upon.
  • Support development of state-mandated affordable housing that takes into consideration both the character and infrastructure of Los Altos.
  • Be a leader working for social justice and racial equality.


  • Rezoned City lands to their proper "Park" designation in the General Plan, preventing their sale, transfer or re-designation without voter approval.
  • Delivered on a long-standing city promise to purchase
    999 Fremont Avenue in Loyola Corners.
  • Increased the School Crossing Guard budget to pay for guards to improve safety for our children.
  • Championed the “SEE-ME” crossing flag plan.
  • Increased the budget and funds for road repairs and traffic safety throughout Los Altos.
  • Led the effort to install Historic and Interpretive Signs in the Apricot Orchard at the Civic Center.
  • Worked with VTA to expand bus route 51 into Los Altos, providing new service to our residents and students who attend Cupertino Middle School and Homestead High School.
Heritage Orchard

Mayor Lee Eng with supporters who worked for years to bring recognition to the Heritage Orchard of apricot trees.

  • Implemented the first COVID-19 testing site in Los Altos through work with County Supervisor Joe Simitian, City Council, and Volunteers.
  • Helped to provide over 1000 masks to seniors and immuno-compromised residents.
  • Supported City Code amendment allowing more diverse types of businesses in Downtown.
  • Led the adoption of an ordinance to restrict 5G small cell towers in our residential neighborhoods and parks and near schools.
  • As Mayor, I defended our right to control development by signing letters to our state legislators, protesting bills that restrict our ability to make decisions on land use and zoning in our own town.
  • Advocated to have BMR (Below Market Rate) units remain BMR units in perpetuity.

Meet Lynette

My family and I moved to Los Altos 25 years ago. My husband Walter and I raised our two sons here. Our appreciation for the quality education, diversity, open space and small-town feeling led me to become active in improving the quality of life for residents.

In the early years I was a member of the Neutra House Historic Relocation and Preservation committee, Neighborhood Watch Captain, Board member and mediator for Los Altos Dispute Resolution Service, and Education chair for the Los Altos/Mountain View League of Women Voters.
I have a B.S. in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.

Community Service and Highlights:

  • Mayor and City Council member, City of Los Altos, since December 2016 (see Accomplishments)
  • Chair and Commissioner, Los Altos Parks and Recreation Commission, 11 years
  • Initiated the Summer Concert Series in Los Altos
  • Served two terms as a Santa Clara County Civil Grand Juror
  • Implemented the Senior Center at Grant Park
  • Former Education Chair and Co-Chair, League of Women Voters
  • Initiated the Mandarin Immersion Language Program in the Cupertino Union School District.
  • Committee member and Vice Chair, Joint Powers Library Authority
  • Committee member, Valley Transportation Agency – Policy Advisory Committee
  • Started the Senior Committee that had evolved to be the Senior Commision today.
Anne Frank proclamation


We need a resident-centric leader on our City Council who listens to all sides before making decisions. We need a reasoned, focused problem solver who does not rush to conclusions. We need a Council member who has demonstrated their commitment to serving our whole community by their involvement in it, working for all residents prior to taking a seat on Council. We need a Council member who focuses on getting things done, who seeks to be team player, and someone who puts personal interests or biases aside for the good of Los Altos. As our City Council member, Lynette Lee Eng has proven she is all that and more. We need her to continue leading Los Altos. Re-elect Lynette Lee Eng.

— Randall Hull
former Planning Commissioner, 
former President of Kiwanis Club

Lynette deserves to be re-elected! She has been a thoughtful and energetic council member. It is difficult to be both strongly committed to your beliefs, and also be able to compromise to achieve optimal results. She has shown she can do this with very difficult issues and has earned my trust.

— Dr. George Ting
ECHD Board of Directors Professor Emeritus of Medicine, 
Stanford Medical Center

I worked closely with city council member Lee Eng both as former Mayor of Los Altos and council liaison to the Complete Streets Commission. Lynette is passionate about Los Altos and works hard to make a difference in our community. She seeks input and listens to our residents. I support her candidacy for a second term on the Los Altos city council.

— Nadim Maluf
Chairman of Complete Streets Commission

I support and endorse Lynette Lee Eng in her re-election campaign for Los Altos City Council. She has done an outstanding job in her first term and definitely deserves a second term. Her interest, wisdom and vitality are excellent qualities for successfully representing her constituency.

— David Beggs
former Parks Commissioner,
former member of Santa Clara Civil Grand Jury

We fully endorse Lynette Lee Eng for Los Altos City Council. She has effectively served the public in many capacities including as Mayor and strong supporter for Senior Citizens. She has a caring and genuine interest in maintaining Los Altos with a village atmosphere.

— Von and Ann Packard
Community Leaders

see more...

We endorse Lynette Lee Eng for Los Altos City Council. As Los Altos residents for over 27 years, we personally know that she cares, listens, and acts on behalf of our citizens. She has proven to us to be completely open-minded, kind and transparent in her position as council member and Mayor. She is fearless in her support of our citizen rights and our city.

— Mark and Pam Goodman
Community Leaders 

It is my great honor to endorse Lynette Lee Eng. Lynette passionately supports and protects the needs of Los Altos.

— Cynthia Sternberg

We enthusiastically endorse Lynette Eng for another term on the Los Altos City Council. She has a proven track record of community involvement in areas that are important to us, such as her hard work on the City Council, in establishing a Senior Center at Grant Park, and as City Council Representative to the City Arts Commission. We have been residents of Los Altos for over fifty years and have raised five daughters here. We love this town. We know that Lynette is the person that we want as our local representative.

— David Horine
Arts Commissioner

Angela Horine

I wholeheartedly support Lynette Lee Eng’s candidacy for re-election to the Los Altos City Council.

— John Park

I've seen Lynette in action at many City Council meetings because my neighborhood is impacted by new developments along El Camino Real. My neighbors and I greatly appreciate how Lynette takes time to understand issues and perspectives from all sides. Her commitment to residents and the future of Los Altos shows in how she listens, ask questions, and acts. Lynette gets my enthusiastic support.

— Nelvin Gee

There's no one that compares to your vision, leadership and relentless hard-work to make and keep our city great!

— Dr. Peter and Susan Gise

We very much appreciate all Lynette has done for all of us in Los Altos!! Would like to extend that for another 4 years!

— Willem and Margriet de Lange

I fully support and am proud to endorse Lynette Lee Eng for Los Altos City Council. Lynette has a phenomenal track record of advocating for residents on a wide range of issues. She supports local control during a period of state and regional overreach and puts the community first and foremost - not special interest, dark money groups. Lynette understands the needs of small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and what makes Downtown Los Altos special. She brings accountability, transparency, and genuine community engagement to municipal government. Lynette Lee Eng is the gold standard for public servants at the local level.

— Rahul Vasanth

Cupertino Library Commissioner
Elected CA Democratic Party Delegate

Lynette Lee Eng deserves our vote for Los Altos City Council in November 2020. A strong, dependable voice for all of Los Altos, from Loyola Corners, to downtown, to the El Camino Corridor, Lynette always steps up, returns calls, and deals with issues. The receding waters of the economy make many developers look more like speculators. The residents need protection, someone who cares and listens. We need leadership. We need Lynette Lee Eng on the Los Altos City Council. It all goes to character and for her courage and character alone, I support Lynette Lee Eng for a seat on the Los Altos City Council.

— Pierre Bedard

Lynette is very thoughtful, hardworking and dedicated. She puts the community first in all of her decisions. Her heart is always in the right place.

— Betsy Reeves
former Vice President of AAUW 
(American Association of University Women)

Lynette’s efforts and concern in representing the neighborhoods, business community, fire safety and preservation of the ambience and open space for the city is without parallel.

— Duffy Price
Commissioner, Los Altos Hills County Fire District

I endorse Lynette Eng Lee for the Los Altos City Council. She understands the issues and challenges facing the city of Los Altos and will provide innovative and effective solutions. She is industrious, personable, and committed.

— Ofelia Bari

We are delighted that you are running for re-election. We have been very impressed with your diligence as a City Council Member and obviously deeply care about the wellbeing of our town. We are honored to endorse your re-election.

— Myra and Carl Orta

We are better as a community with Lynette helping to lead us. I have experienced and witnessed her deep care for the City of Los Altos.

— David Moore
Commissioner, Los Altos Historical Commission

As a current Los Altos Council Member and former Mayor, Lynette has the history to understand the issues, a track record of fiscal responsibility that is more important than ever, and the vision to address the city’s challenges. 

— Stuart Eckmann
former Co-Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission, and former member of the Community Center Task Force

If you care about Los Altos and want a City Council Member who prioritizes Los Altos above partisan interests, I strongly recommend that you vote for City Council Member Lynette Lee Eng. Council Member Lee Eng has significant experience serving on the City Council and a proven track record of listening to all residents' viewpoints. Please join me in voting for her.

— John Corrigan
Parks and Recreation Commissioner

I think you are a great listener to the residents of Los Altos. Thank you for all your hard work.

— Ed Saadi

I am grateful to all those supporting my re-election for a second term on City Council.*

Kurt Ayers, former Traffic Commissioner and Neighborhood Traffic Task Force Chair

Russell Bartlett, Historical Commissioner
Maria Bautista, former Parks and Recreation Commissioner; Community Center Task Force member
Pierre Bedard, Chair of Library Commission
David Beggs, former member of Civil Grand Jury; former Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Laura Blotter, Curriculum Director, Pinewood Schools
Neilson Buchanan, former CEO, El Camino Hospital

Angie Cardoza, Director, Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; former Chair of Santa Clara Civil Grand Jury
Liang-Fang Chao, former Vice Mayor of Cupertino; former CUSD Board Member
Brian Cilker, former Community Center Task Force member
John Corrigan, Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Marilu Delgado, 2015 Woman of the Year Community Action Team
Stuart Eckmann, former Co-Chair of Parks and Recreation Commission; former Community Center Task Force member
Nancy Ellickson, Chair of Public Arts Commission
Ken Girdley, former Historical Commissioner
Harriet Girdley, former Historical Commissioner
Howie Hochman, former Santa Clara Civil Grand Juror
David Horine, Public Arts Commissioner
Randall Hull, former Kiwanis President; former Planning Commissioner 
Doo Ho Lee, Planning Commissioner
Jim Lyon, former Santa Clara Civil Grand Juror
Nadim Maluf, Chair of Complete Streets Commission
Pat Marriott, former Downtown Building Committee member
Teresa Morris, Parks and Recreation Commissioner; former Downtown Building Committee member
Chris Nagao, Senior Commissioner
Darcy Paul, Vice Mayor and former Mayor of Cupertino
Kathleen Riches Pickett, Founder and Board Member of Pinewood School
Duffy Price, Los Altos Hills County Fire District Commissioner
Betsy Reeves, former Vice President of AAUW (American Association of University Women)
Cindy Lee Russell, President of Santa Clara County Medical Association
Eric Steinle, Planning Commissioner
Dr. George Ting, ECHD Board of Directors; Professor Emeritus of Medicine Stanford Medical Center
Rahul Vasanth, Cupertino Library Commissioner; Elected CA Democratic Party Delegate

Bert Vincent, former Senior Commissioner
Mike Wasserman, Santa Clara County Supervisor
Freddie Wheeler, Library Commissioner
Yong Yeh, Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Lei Yuan, Environmental Commissioner

Cindy Andrews, Community Leader
Dr. Joelle Ayoub
Viviana Bardina
Ofelia Bari
Dick and Linda Blanding, Community Leaders
Maya Bronicki, Community Leader
Betty Chiu
John Claras
Jane Clayton
Jerry Clements
Dr Jayne Cohen
James Darby
Dinesh and Joy Desai
Willem and Margriet deLange 
Roland and Kathleen Dow

Kathleen Dye

Ron Ellickson

George and Jo Estill

Ariel Faigon

Carol Fenwick

Tom Ferry

Charles Fine

Nelvin Gee

Dr. Peter and Susan Gise
Chris Gitter Esq.
Carol Gonzales
Stephen Haber
Fred Haubensak
Joe Hirsch, Community Leader
Dr. Roy Hong
Angela Horine, Educator
Edith Huang
Jake and Theresa Iantosca
Jerome Jackson
Gerry Jensen
Jaya Kamath, Community Leader
Reena Kapoor
Suzanne Keehn, Community Leader
Barbara Korn
Carey Lai, Community Leader
Nelson and Esther Lao
Heather Lattanzi
Holly Lofgren
Howard Loo
Shiao-Ping Lu
Mike Ma
Padma Manian
Bob and Melissa Malley
Michael Menning
Elizabeth Montgomery
David Moore
Dr. James Noeun
Catherine Nunes, Community Leader; Los Altos Business Owner
Carl and Myra Orta
Jane Osborn

Gail Ostendorf
Jose Luis Pacheco

Von and Ann Packard, Community Leaders
Wally Palmer
Jane and John Park
Dr. Priya Patel
Cheryl Reicker
Terry Rusboldt
Ed Saadi
Ariadne Scott
Dr. Whitney Sebastian
Carlos Shaw
Jonathan Shores
John St Clair

Harold Stenfort
Otto and Debbie Sterba
Cynthia Sternberg
Gary and Grace Stoy
David Su
Janice Tengan
Sung Tung

Panangattur Venkatachalam
Jaime Walnes, Community Leader
Ray Wang
Joan Williams
C John Won
Karen Yang, Community Leader
Denise Lee Yeh
Lordson Yue

Kai Zhu, Community Leader

Los Altos Residents Association (LARA)
West Bay Citizens Coalition
Friends of Los Altos (FOLA)

* partial list

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